Need help in playing custom message to channel in asterisk queue

We have a requirement in which we need to play incoming calling customer custom wait time and other messaged till the waiting in queue for available agents. using asterisk queue default features we can play wait time but not other messages. kindly help

You can play periodic messages, is that not sufficient? If not - what exactly are you trying to achieve?

Hi thanks for the reply. We are trying to play our custom dynamic messages to customers waiting in the queue for the next available agents. The thing here is each message will be different for every customer which will be created in real time.

let me clarify it a bit more , we need to play a hold time announcement to the customer that will be calculated using internal API , so how can we achieve this.

I don’t know anything further regarding app_queue, someone else may have thoughts.

OK sure thanks. Any pointers would be really helpful for us.

Ultimately you may have to just accept that it’s not written/possible to do so.

I am also looking for others alternatives as well while searching for queue solution. Our current work is based around asterisk queue , so hoping to get a solution in queue itself.

you can use a queue’s periodic messages as jcolp said.

if you want to play custom dynamic messages,
how about overwrite the queue’s periodic messages file?

I’m not suer you maybe need to reload queue.

Hi thanks for the reply. May be we can overwrite periodic file but how will it work if suppose 3-4 customers are waiting in queue and we want to play different-2 content to all customers, because in this case same message will be played to all customers.

you’re right.
in case, i think that’s not possible

yes i think its not feasible with queue, Thanks for the reply.
We are looking at other alternatives to this, like not putting customer in queue and playing messages in loop till the agents are busy and managing virtual queues in db or in external application which is connected over AMI.

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