Need help for doing this.... :(

Hello everyone,

I am newbie not having any knownledge asterisk but I hope u guys help me on that. What I am planning is given below…

I have numbers in excelsheet i want that dial 5-10 number @ the same time when call connected play a message after that there are key 1 and 2… if caller press key 1 then call transfer to my number and for key 2 hang up the call. Now 2nd point is about callerid. Caller show my number as a caller id and my number show caller number as a caller id… Sorry for my bad english I hope you all understand my requirement so please tell me the cheapest way to do, My calling destination is USA/CA and my recd number is toll free. Please help me on that and thanks in advance.

You can start by reading

Your cheapest way is to hire a consultant for develop that, actually Asterisk is the “holy grial” of the I-want-to-annoy-people with auto dialers.

What you are looking for is an autodialer software. You can do it with Elastix and Elastix Call Center module. You should visit the Elastix forum for help on their distro. (