Need help for a project


My company gave me a project,
When someone call us it is possible when we answer that asterisk load an url that contain the caller phone number ?
I would be really gratefull if someone can help.

Thanks Killian

What’s Your goal ?
Should Asterisk load a URL (internally) to identify the caller or should Asterisk trigger loading a webpage on the callees desktop ?
Both ways are possible to implement however it depends from waht You want and where the data / URL service resides and how to connect to the service.
Thus the easy answer consists of two parts:

a) It’s possible
b) Implementation would be individual and would be a (more or less complicated) job to do where You’ll have to pay for if You can’t do it at Your own.

Hi and thanks for your reply, I want asterisk to load a page on the desktop of the guy who is called (and the url of this page contain the phone number of the caller)

Yeah, this could be done - You either need to send a request to the desktop of the called person - the way will depend on the OS used on the desktop or You use some kind of CTI-client on the desktop of the called person doing that for You.
Second variant would work without deep knowledge of Asterisk but You need to figure out which CTI client to use and how to configure it to present the web page.
First variant needs knowledge of communication protocols for desktop systems as well as a bit Asterisk knowledge.

The CTI seems interresting,Can I use it to make a link between the ERP of the company and Asterisk ?

Hi, If it is a kind of call center, you can use Elastix, but there you set the URL parameters of the call you want to display to the operator.

If you want to do with native Asterisk, you can make a client-server application where the server is connected to Asterisk AGI and between server and clients via RMI (ie using Java), captures the events you send the Asterisk AMI through and I know you can depending on the event, when sending the call to customers. On the user when it receives notification through the socket you can display the url in the computer.


Hi i"am now using elastix but how do I make an url pop up with parameters ?
Thanks Killian.

You can use AJAM for that.
See the ajamdemo at

All you need is that the user as an open browser all the time, listen for events with AJAM and when the right event is triggered open a new browser window pointing to the url you want.

I believe it’s easy to do only with javascript, so you can put it in the static folder of the asterisk http server.

If you need more details, just ask.

[quote=“killi456”]Hi i"am now using elastix but how do I make an url pop up with parameters ?
Thanks Killian.[/quote]
Elastix’s call center support that just you need to point the URL to your webpage and pass the values. Check the call center manual.