Need help developing new channel driver

I am currently developing a new channel driver using Asterisk 13.3

in my code, I create a ast generator
struct ast generator kew_generator = {
.alloc= kew_alloc,
.release= kew_release,
.generate= kew_generate,};

when I run my audio test loopback,
I see it calls in channel.c:

if(data && is_ao2_obj){
else {
ast_clear_flag(ast_channel_flags©, AST_FLAG_TIMINGDATA_IS_AO2_OBJ);
before returning a value of 0.

My loopback test hangs because my kew_generate does not get called. Any ideas what I am missing?

I would advise posting to the asterisk-dev mailing list[1] instead as that is where the vast majority of developers are.