Need help clearing up issue with multiple servers

I have an asterisk server in my home and want to add another server offsite. I want to know if i need two TDM400P’s at both sites. They would just have FXO capability. But are both needed. I will be using softphones as well and no ATA’s.

My other question is do I have to use broadvoice as a provider or can i just use FWD and use the IAX softphones.

I have some questions for you…

Why do you want another server off site?

Why do you want to deal with local copper?

I have a few servers, in different offices. In my situation, this works well as we beat on the WAN really hard at times, so having servers in the offices lets them act more as islands. They are all connected with IAX. I also use an IAX based inbound and outbound provider.

It makes no difference if you use hard phones or soft phones. They connect to your local server(s). From you server you can have a part of your dial plan to call extensions on the other server, or the outbound provider.

So, I guess to answer your questions, no, you don’t need any cards, at all, and no, you don’t need to go through a third party to link your offices.

Ok ,so I don’t need the card, but how do I get 911 access? Is another server necessary? I am only asking because I have a office I want to add so I can take down the Key system on the backboard. Any help would greatly be appreciated. I know the files can be adjusted to see each other. I am a PBX installer and would really like this project to work and maybe later integrate other VOIP and legacy key systems.