Need advice on building asterisk telephony system on centos

Dear Asterisk Team,

I’m following the “The Future of Telephony” book downloaded from Asterisk website and aiming to build the home/small office Asterisk telephony system on CentOS 4.4 server.

It is much appreciated if anyone can advice me on all the required Asterisk telephony hardwares/devices for this purpose, e.g. what model/brand to buy, the best place to buy (I’m based in Auckland, New Zealand) etc. I want to host this system in my home/small office by myself 24x7. If necessary, it is my appreciated if you can recommend the computer system/hardware for achieving this purpose.

If you can help with this, then I don’t need to follow the “The Future of Telephony” book to find out all the answers. In this way, I can quickly build the required Asterisk telephony system with the hardware/devices you recommend and just refer to the book when I build and test the system. This will save me a lot of time and on the right track.

Do you have the book/documentation on the same subject, i.e. “The Future of Telephony”, for the more newer version of Asterisk on newer version of CentOS, e.g. Asterisk 1.6.2 on CentOS 5.5 server.

If you have difficulty on this, please pass my message to the people who can help with this.

Thank you very much for the help and sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks kindly,
David Su

New Zealand Bro, hey ?? :wink:

Any computer built in the last 5 years will do what you so. We are supplying some small atom based hardware and they run 20 handsets without too much grief.

Mate, good and inexpensive way to start is to get yourself a Linksys SPA3102. It supports a regular PSTN line and a regular analog PSTN handset. Just to start to get your head around things. There are some video and web tutorials to help make it work. You can also download X-Lite softphone to play with transfer / 3 way conference, MWI, BLFs etc.

For a business, I would grab a couple of IP handsets. Snom are the easiest to configure via their web interface and tend to do everythng you need and are very Asterisk friendly, although Polycom, Aastra and the Linksys / Cisco Small Business all work too, they are just a little bit more fiddly to configure.

Get a SIP provider, don’t know who does that in NZ, but I’m sure google does. I think you guys have a version of whirlpool. Check there for one. I know Faktortel does Aukland numbers, but they are based in Brisbane QLD.

This is a Digium sponsored service, so I guess you should buy at least one of their cards.

As far as getting started, you can use the current version of Centos / asterisk 1.4 / 1.6, it all works fairly much the same. Just compile the packages and you’re away. Just remember that Dahdi has replaced Zaptel and you’ll need it to make things work like meetme()

As for doco, voip-info has heaps of asterisk info for setting up SIP, TDM cards, dial plans, etc. The new doco section is now a great reference for their dial plan functions and such. If you get Snom handsets, there is a wiki dedicated to Asterisk and Snom handsets.

I’m sure there are others here who will have their say.

Good luck.

ps. You’ll need to use alaw for your first codec and not ulaw, alaw is the standard for codec for your country’s, and most of the rest of the worlds telco., and will give you the least grief with call quality / codec translation.

pps. Good effort from the All Whites :smiley: