Nature of Address header on SIP channel

As the title says, there is a way to send the NOA parameter through a SIP trunk?
I’ve seen that DAHDI link’s send that parameter (also ss7 chan), but i need to send it through a sip link

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There is nothing built in. If there is a mechanism you’d need to look it up (such as finding the RFC) and see if that can be done using generic methods (like adding a SIP header).

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@jcolp After posting the topic, i found that it’s impossible to modify a parameter that isn’t being sent by a SIP Trunk, but, as you said, you can add a new “parameter” to the sip header!
Using the following cmd:

exten => s,n,SIPADDHeader(“CustomAddedDescription”) ;You can write everything you want
If you capture the call and export it as a pcap, you will see that the header exists, but it’s not recognized

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It looks to me that it is sent by some systems as a, non-standard, URI parameter. I can’t find any suggestion it is sent as a header.

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This is what wireshark shows:

There is no way to send a correct nature of address parameter through a sip trunk, you can only send a non-recognised SIP header (or that is what i found)

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