Mysql vs. ODBC methods for RealTime

I plan to use mySQL database for everything, and I want the most stable (i.e. least buggy and most likely to have bugs addressed quickly) method for doing this with RealTime. I saw something that said ODBC method was more used and better supported. Should I go with the mySQL method or use ODBC method to access mySQL? Thanks

Depends on your requirements. I have used both, and both are stable. If you would like to change the database at some point, then ODBC is the way to go. If you plan to stick with MySQL, then there is probably not much benefit in adding a translation layer (and therefore overhead) to your database interconnection.

are there any differences with respect to graceful handling of database connectivity loss? I thought I read somewhere that ODBC automatically reconnects, don’t know about the mySQL method. Is there anything along these lines that distinguishes the two methods? If only real differentiator is portability to other DBs, I may opt for simplicity of a pure mySQL method.

I am not aware of such a difference. It may be best to setup and test both and then make the decision.