MySQL from Dialplan


i m getting the following errors while quering the database,could any one help me to sort out the problem :question:

exten=>  701,1,Read(rollno,Enter-rollno,3)

exten => 701,2,MYSQL(Connect connid localhost root 123 ivr)

exten => 701,3,MYSQL(Query resultid ${connid} SELECT\'rollno'\from\'test'\where\ 'rollno'=\'${rollno}\')

The above three statement execute without any warning so when it comes to

exten => 701,3,MYSQL(Fetch fetchid ${resultid} VAR1 )

i got worning message

Feb 28 17:47:12 WARNING[7390]: app_addon_sql_mysql.c:115 find_identifier: Identifier 0, identifier_type 2 not found in identifier list

Feb 28 17:47:12 WARNING[7390]: app_addon_sql_mysql.c:330 aMYSQL_fetch: aMYSQL_fetch: Invalid result identifier 0 passed

secondly i can’t make festival to speak a txt stored in a variable i have tried a number of options but could not got it working

1- exten=> 600,1,Festival('${data}')
2-exten=> 600,1,Festival("${data}")
3-exten=> 600,1,Festival('$data')

ThanKs in Advance