Mysql and asterisk simple problem

Hi I have successfully intsalled asterisk and mysql on my machine(I guess). I found no errors except that when I tried to to a “odbc show” on the asteriskCLI, it does not prompt anything. But when I tried to issued a command “realtime mysql status” it prompetd something like this one

“Connected to asterisk@, port 3306 with username asterisk for 11 minutes, 52 seconds.”

2nd thing I tried to execute a reload command on the asterisk CLI and it prompted something.

“Oct 6 20:47:41 NOTICE[28485]: cdr.c:1191 do_reload: CDR simple logging enabled.
Oct 6 20:47:41 NOTICE[28485]: indications.c:505 ast_unregister_indication_country: Removed default indication country ‘us’
== MySQL RealTime reloaded.
Oct 6 20:47:41 WARNING[28485]: pbx.c:3761 ast_merge_contexts_and_delete: Requested contexts didn’t get merged
Reloading MGCP
Reloading SIP”

Did I have problems in here? Please check this problem. Thank you very much.

Best regards,