My subject of training course

Hello everybody, I am a french student and I will like to ask you some questions. Does it have a difference between Asterisk and Asterisk@home? I will like to install Asterisk with CentOS (is there a better OS?), which packages are needed, because I don’t know what to choose in the index:

Is it possible to make communicate an Asterisk waiter with a WRT54GL which runs on openwrt with Asterisk packages? By wi-fi thanks to the module of redirection chilispot? The company where I work provided Internet on Auxerre (Bourgogne) thanks wi-fi with WRT54GL equipped with the chillispot, the routers are placed in bars or hotels by example to provide a free connection has their customers, moreover we would like to provide them telephonie voip, managed by Asterisk waiter which I will mount in the company.
That’s my subject of training course to validate my second year in IUT Telecom and Reseau. Any type of assistance will be the welcome. Thank you for your help.