My ISP Blocks Port 25

I would like to know if anyone can suggest a workaround for this. When I receive v-mail I used to be able to send them out to my e-mail at work. Even though my ISP blocked port 25 I set my /etc/mail/mailertable to include a line which directed to sendmail to use the ISP’s mailserver. This too worked for awhile but then my e-mail started getting blocked again. My ISP (Comcast) said that they can do nothing about it…but they can offer me this service for $49.95 per month extra.

I noticed this morning one of the sticky notes mentioned to use IPV6. Is this a simple workaround or will I still be stopped by Comcast trying to charge me if I want to use my own server to send out e-mail?

We configured our mail server to use an additional port (say, 2500) for SMTP. Then you can just send using that port.

Yes, I understand that practice, but if I’m not mistaken the other e-mail server I’m sending to has to be setup to match that port. And I don’t think I could talk all the other e-mail admins in the world to start using another port beside 25.