My asterisk setup, redirect server question?

HI I’m new to asterisk, I loaded asterisk now and have a working setup with Cisco 1200 Ap’s connected to A cisco 3600 router, I’m running HItachi IP5000 phones. My complete setup is now on the same subnet 192.168.43.X Previously I was runnning the server on a 208.x.x.x external address, I had problems with registrations so I moved my server inside. Now I want to be able to access my server from far away. I know I want my cake and want to eat it to. I have external IP’s at my disposal and have lots of server hardware at my disposal, I’ve ordered books, but they have not arrived yet. Do I need to setup a redirect server?

Sorry to ask a bonehead question, I may have figured out the solution, I will post if it works