My Asterisk Plan - Make Sense?

G’day all,

Got 2 months off and looking at fiddling round with an Asterisk project. I’ve done a very crappy little diagram of what I am hoping to achieve and was just looking for advice as to whether it will work the way I currently have it planned… and if there may be otherways of doing the same thing i want.

My plan:


Basically I want to hook my 2 landline phones up to my network through the SPA 3000. I want both phones to be able to have landline access should my asterisk server crash or be turned off which is why I chose the SPA 3000.

The phones will hook into my switch which will have the asterisk server also on it, my internet router with dhcp and other pc’s which will be running softphones.

From all of the phones (softphones and landline phones) I want to be able to pick up and dial (for example) 9 to get my outside normal house line and then dial a number… or pick up and dial 8 and get my VoIP provider and then dial a number. Also be able to dial 1000 for example and ring between themselves.

So yeah, Is what I currently have planned plausible? and Is there possibly an easier way to achieve the same end result?

Thanks in advance,


I am also planning a similar setup. Quick yes/no answer would be great thanks!


This is a normal configurations and is easy to implement.