Music On Hold

I want to config my asterisk server to play different musics when on hold or in a transfer.
An example is to put in a specific week, a different song than in the rest of the year.
Is this possible?
Hope to hear from you

Regards, JS

Yes, just create the classes and then assign as your needs. … nhold.conf

i am a new user in asterisk, can you do me an example please?
from 10 january to 17 january it plays one sound, and the rest of the year plays the normal music on hold…

or just a little intensive explanaition. really thanks and sorry for my english.


Use the GotoIfTime to choose what kind of musicclass do you need.

Take a look at … GotoIfTime

Really thanks, it gave me an good idea, to create a class, do a gotoiftime aggregated with a command like **078 and a cron job to activate the songs, and to desactivate :wink:

Regards, JS