Music on Hold unexpected behavior: custom program running with no calls

Hi, I’m testing ways to have radios and other live streams playing on music on hold. I was successful on using live streams as music on hold, but I have noticed one strange behaviour: the custom command is always running. The problem with this is that bandwidth is always being used. On musiconhold.conf, the class with the radio is:


/usr/local/bin/ contet is:

/usr/bin/ffmpeg -i hxxp:// -af "volume=-3dB" -acodec g722 -ac 1 -ar 16000 -f g722 -

(g722 is in use because it seems to be the best usable codec for custom MoH, I may create another post about this).

Is the custom command running all the time the intended behaviour? I can see it being intended, as otherwise there could be buffering for the user when the music on hold starts. But it was a surprise to me seeing the custom command running all the time, as I found no mentions about this.

The Asterisk version in use is 20.1.0.

Yes, that is the way custom works as well.

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