Music on hold stops with call parking?

Hey all. I’m running asterisk, and have been using music on hold for a series of ParkAndAnnounce() calls. The parking / pickup works fine, and the music plays but the problem is every time the priority is bumped +1, the music is stopped.

exten s,1,Answer
exten s,2,SetMusicOnHold(default)
exten s,3,ParkAndAnnounce(…)
exten s,4,ParkAndAnnounce(…)
exten s,5,ParkAndAnnounce(…)
exten s,6,ParkAndAnnounce(…)


Every time another ParkAndAnnounce call is hit, the music is restarted.

Has anyone ever run into something like this? I read somewhere is has to do with the asterisk channels being taken over / changed when the ParkAndAnnounce() function does its thing.

Just sounds very unprofessional on the phone.



Anyone? This issue is quite annoying.