Music on hold, no sound

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i’m trying to configure music on hold to use with queues.
after creating a new music category with AMP, i’ve checked the encoding of the mp3 files located in /var/lib/asterisk/mohmp3/ and made some files with the same encoding specs (128kbit, 44100hz, stereo), but i’m unable to hear them (while the default files work).
is there an encoding issue i’m not aware of (i.e. id3 tags)?

You should check wheather file of musiconhold.conf is on folder /etc/asterisk/
.The file should like this:
default => /var/lib/asterisk/mohmp3,r
r option means random playback the sound file randonly,otherwise the files are played subsequencly.
After inputing asterisk -r to enter console,enter moh reload to musiconhole work.

[quote]unable to hear them (while the default files work).
is there an encoding issue i’m not aware of (i.e. id3 tags)?[/quote]

yes, you should remove the id3 tags, here is more help about music on hold

there is also a tag remover u could use

I hope it helps, :wink:

You might want to see the following thread; … usiconhold

are you taking the mick ? are you searching for old threads that you can suddenly answer ? these threads go back to last year, we’ve not seen some of these users since the original posting, yet you’re answering all you can find when answering a single thread would have sufficed.

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True some of these threads were created a while back but fortunately or unfortunately people still and will continue to search and view them but if they offer no solution they are not serving the main objective. That’s why they are threads you know, to be updated with solutions. Even when people get on google or other search engines to search for answers to asterisk issues they get directed to these threads too, I have. I am sure you wouldn’t say because windows 2000 or even asterisk was created years ago to stop updating them :smile:

no, but to update a dozen threads with the samed canned answer is dumb, for the reasons baconbuttie mentioned.

i understand you are trying to help, but don’t update a thread that’s a year old - two weeks i could see and appreciate.

if you REALLY wanted to contribute something, why not head over to the wiki and post a mini-FAQ on MOH, or make a MOH thread here and ask that it be stickied.

that way, you’re not pushing active topics to the second page, AND you’ll have a reference to point everyone to as new MOH issues come in.

/i am not limiting this to just MOH, ANY common issue could be handled this way.

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