Music on Hold - Live Streaming

Hi, I’m pretty new to Asterisk, so I thought I would ask here if this is possible.

I want to set up a VOIP server where the music callers hear when they are put on hold is not a saved .mp3 or .wav file, but rather a live online stream of a radio station.

For example any one of these CBC radio streams:

Any idea how this could be done or if it can be done?


Take a look here: … nhold.conf

Any idea how work with an rtmp stream?

This is what I’m trying to stream, but I think it might be a protected protocol:

It uses Wowza Media Server if that helps.

The main difficult with what you are trying to do is getting the performing rights clearance to use hte material, rather than the technical aspects.

I think it is a linux Job, not Asterisk.