Music on Hold class 'test' not found in memory. Verify your configuration

Hello, Please what is this error

Music on Hold class ‘test’ not found in memory. Verify your configuration?

I need to play Music file Mp3 in musiconhold.conf before call answered,

It means what it says. Is the musiconhold class configured? How is it configured? Do you have format_mp3 installed to be able to play MP3 files?

Please I need to change my normal ringtone asterisk during incoming call. So what I need is to hear this announcement before call is answered
What I did is:

  1. I created music file.wav

  2. I created inside /var/lib/asterisk/musi…conf

  3. I Mentioned Support name in my extensions.conf as follows:
    exten => 8888,1,Answer
    exten => 8888,n,Set(CHANNEL(musicclass)=support)
    exten => 8888,n,Queue(myqueue,twh)
    exten => 8888,n,Hangup

Am I correct please?

How did you ensure that it was in Asterisk .wav format, rather than an arbitrary Windows .wav format? Where did you create it, and with what permissions?

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