Music on hold and dial delay

I’m trying eliminate the incoming call centers. I have a blacklist which is updated every night and would like to add one more action against attempts with new numbers. Actually I have this config:

same => n,Answer()
same => n,Dial(SIP/myphone,m)

The idea would be to play the moh and only after 5-10 seconds ring my internal phone. Most of the cc would then just hangup by themselves.

Adding delay to the answer cmd also add delay the moh. This is the same behaviour for wait cmd.

Any suggestion to do this?


Thx for replying.

I do not want to reduce the time the moh is being played, I want to play the sound as much as needed, and have a delay prior to dial to my internal device.

I have seen this example with local channel:

I wander if in my case I could add a delay with a single channel?

As you already said, Local channel is the suggested method

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