Multiserver v single Realtime SQL SIp registrary

I have 2 servers, running exactly the same conditions, under Asterisk 11.2Cert, and using the same DB via ODBC. My issue is, when a sip user is registering in Server A, and someone call him from server B, the call is not being delevred, as the user us registered in Server A.

In my sip.conf I have in Server A:


Meanwhile, in Server B, i have:


Also, in asterisk.conf, I have configured the systemname respectivly.

When i verify in the DB, SIP user session is properly being registered as serverA, as I said. But, if other user connected to Server B, place a call to that extentension, the call is not progressed, as user not found.

What I’m missing here, please, because as far as I understood, this is all what I need to manage this, but it’s not working.

Thanks in advance!