Multiple WAN and single Asterisk

Hi Everyone,
I’m new in Asterisk world.
I’m attempting to connect to our HA network the PBX system which is built on Asterisk.
Everything is ok until I try to switch to another WAN (using GW GRUOPS in PFSENSE), when immediately the call is hanged. I need to totally shut down the PBX in order to restore the connection. I have others PBX system that don’t care about the change of Public IP. Is there any options that I need to insert in SIP conf? Has anyone tried this two WAN configuration?

PS: Asterisk doesn’t know what happens behind it because the default LAN gateway (pfsense itself) is still here.



HA = Home Automation, HIgh Availability, something else?

I presume GRUOPS should be GROUPS. Is this just an error in the forum?

PFSENSE is not part of Asterisk.

Sounds like you are firewalling all traffic on an interface, or taking the interface down. I don’t see how a call would survive that. Please explain why you are doing this.

Hi david,
Thanks for your fast reply.
Yes, I mean high availability and gateway groups.
I know that Pfsense is not part of asterisk but I think that it could be nice exemple in order to understand the failover implementation. Gateway groups in Pfsense is like wan failover in every other advanced firewall.

In my environment I have an asterisk PBX Machine that is directly connected to my firewall. The firewall only apply a NAT to the public IP. We use the first wan as preferred gateway but The firewall is configured to route the traffic to the second wan in case of packet loss. So, of course the external IP could change because we have two different ISP. I have checked live and during the failover there is no packet loss in communication (ping) but the call hangs.
It seems that asterisk cannot continue to negotiate the communication with the SIP server if the IP change. In order to make it again fully functional I need to shut down and again bootup the PBX.

So, my question would be if I could do something in order to force asterisk to renegotiate the connection in case Public IP change.


Has anyone managed a similar situation?


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