Multiple trunk issue

I have a setup that I can’t seem to figure out how to make work. My main provider, Brighthouse, puts a gateway into my closet on its own, separate, cable connection. For the most part it runs almost perfectly. Call quality is as good or better than any other provider I’ve tested and since it uses its own cable connection, isn’t affected by our data usage. Unfortunately for our outside offices, it isn’t able to add numbers from other calling areas or caller-id’s from other carriers.

So we’ve decided to add a second provider. We are testing both and but I can’t seem to find a way so that both Brighthouse and one of the new providers can work at the same time. Since Brighthouse puts a gateway in our office and we have to send all data to their servers via it as a proxy, we need to have our external IP show as our private address. That obviously doesn’t work for the other providers since those need to be set as our actual external IP.

Is there a way to set the external IP by trunk instead of at the system level? Most of my configuring is done via FreePBX but I have muddled my way through manually editing the conf files if you are specific enough.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Stewart,
Did you find out any way to get this working?

I have a similar problem with having two service providers , 1 has a direct dedicated connection through 1 firewall and public IP A.B.C.D address and the other is through the public internet which is a different firewall and Public IP E.F.G.H address.
so setting
externip=A.B.C.D works for the first provider but not the second
externip=E.F.G.H works for the second provider but not the first.

I am stumped and I see you had a similar issue that may provide some insight for my problem.

Any suggestions are very welcome , thanks in advance .


I don’t believe this configuration is supported. I would suggest running multiple instances of asterisk, one for each externip value.

You will get this working if you will use public IP’s on both NIC’es of your Asterisk server (you will also need to define static routes). If you will use private IP’s on the NIC’es and access the internet via NAT router, the setup will not work. David gave you one of the options to make it work.