Multiple TDM400 cards

I would like to have more than just four channels in some of my boxes. Like 6 FXS and 2 FXO using the TDM400 cards.

How do I know which card has channels 1 to 4 and which is 5 to 8? Do the cards register in PCI slot order?


When I did this the cards were ordered (apparently) by the PCI bus. Try configing the best you think, then bring the system up single-user, load the wctdm module, then a “ztcfg --vvv” will make all things very apparent. Don’t plug in the wires until ztcfg and your zaptel/zapata config and cable arrangements look right.

Just by the way I placed the cards, my zaptel.conf looks like:

Thanks for the info. I had tried it previously and, yes the system came up, but I couldn’t make calls and I am sure that the reason was because I didn’t know which card was which…

I’ll do it again and try the ztcfg -vvv and see what I get.

thanks again.

Specify signaling in zaptel.conf the to match what’s expected on the other end of the connection - fxoks on an FXS device (generates dialtone and ringing) and fxsks for the FXO device (handles incoming PSTN/analog calls). In zapata.conf the same; fxo_ks for FXS modules and fxs_ks (matches whatever the provider signals with) on the FXO. I had to use loop-start fxsls/fxs_ls in one situation on te FXO modules, with busydetect to catch disconnects. Try kewlstart first - it works great in most situations.


My zatel config for the multiple cards looks like this:

fxo-ks = 1-6
fxs-ks = 7-8

that is: I have four fxs modules on the first card and 2 on the second card and then slots 3 and 4 of the second card are fxo.