Multiple SIP gateways on 1 Asterisk server


Is it possible to connect multiple SIP gateways at different sites to 1 Asterisk server and route calls between the sites? I need to connect a few small sites but it is not possible to deploy asterisk servers to all these sites so I’m thinking of deploying just SIP Gateways with FXOs and then connect the gateways through a central Asterisk server.

For example,

PSTN SiteA>SIP Gateway 1>Asterisk>SIP Gateway 2>PSTN SiteB

Please advise.

the example ur discribe is possible 100%

PSTN SiteA>SIP Gateway 1>Asterisk>SIP Gateway 2>PSTN SiteB

only need is that sip gateway sud be authenticate as user with Asterisk .means it is Asterisk client on difrent locations
the idea is so called virtula pbx or hosted pbx.where 1 Asterisk handle number of location calls but Asterisk is on at 1 site. . in that number of location users are extesnions of Asterisk pbx who can call each other same way ur idea also possible.
sip gateway properly authenticat ewith asterisk & proper config for extesion & sip.conf


Hi there, thanks for your replies. What if I’m trying to establish a toll free connection between two sites via asterisk,

E.g, PSTN>Site A>SIP>Asterisk>SIP>Site B>PSTN

Would this still be possible? I’ve just setup asterisknow and I can successfully place a call in this scenario (User in site A -> SIP -> Asterisk -> SIP -> site B -> local PSTN) but (PSTN>Site A>SIP>Asterisk>SIP>Site B>PSTN) does not work.

Please forgive me if the answers to the question above is obvious as I’m a new to asterisk and voice design.