Multiple servers


I have read a lot about asterisk dimensioning and asterisk@large.
Before doing it myself, I need an idea about how multiple servers do the job in one call center. E.g. Is it possible to maintain one “extensions.conf” for more than one server? and how?

Just a hint would be appreciated.


I use NFS to share a single extensions.conf file across several machines. It works great.

You could easily use SAMBA or any other file sharing protocol.



Thanks for your reply.

Is it better than using IAX and having different extensions on each server?

I’m sure there are pros and cons to each approach. I can only speak for this approach as I have not used the other approach.

The main two reasons I chose to share the extensions.conf file are that I only need to make changes in one place, and it adds redundancy, since all of the machines sharing the file are essentially clones of each other.