Multiple server statistics

Hi all,
I have been asked to develop a web page that regroup the statistics data from multiple asterisk servers.
In other words, I have to regroup on the same page how many trunks are up, how many users are online, how many active calls on multiple servers.

Is there a way to get this data directly from the gateway?
If not, how to get this data from each server?

Thank you,

Take a look at Nagios/Icinga, if you still need to re invent the wheel then try it with AMI commands.

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THis is helpful. Thank you good sir/m’am!

Otherwise, is there a way I can get this info/data by using the REST API ?

Sir definitively Sir :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems like yoiu have some nice commands to work with:

The only thing here is to secure your app and all asterisk must be +13v