Multiple Response in API

I am using CURL application to perform operation on the output of an API (from external source) and API can return only two values 0 or 1 as CURL limits this. Is there any other applicable that we can use in which API will return multiple values like 0,1,2,3,4 and then we can decide what to perform upon these returned values like 0 for IVR, 1 for an outgoing call and etc.

Thanks in advance if you could provide me any hint for this. :relaxed:

Most people opt for AGI if they need something further.

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why not Function_CURLOPT with the hash compact option you can use till you do json then you need already to use agi
if you could stay away from agi (i mean using it a little won’t hurt but going up it is going to hit you hard fast agi is better )

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That may work, I have no experience with it. From reading and seeing what people do, many just end up going to AGI regardless as it makes interacting with APIs easier.

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