Multiple queue calls to agent already on phone

I have a random issue with a queue agent that is already on the phone that gets a call when they are on the phone.

I have callcounter=yes set,

In logs I have the first call
2020-03-03T07:49:50.500043-06:00 asterisk[17392]: VERBOSE[85236][C-00001894]: bridge_channel.c:2252 in bridge_channel_internal_push_full: Channel SIP/jwright-00002d13 joined ‘simple_bridge’ basic-bridge <0905e8bb-b731-4cc6-a368-3be91fc93b27>

than another call that then autopauses them

2020-03-03T07:51:02.828109-06:00 asterisk[17392]: VERBOSE[85460][C-00001899]: app_queue.c:4905 in rna: Auto-Pausing Queue Member SIP/jwright in all queues since they failed to answer on queue Operations

They do see the second call ringing them, ringinuse is no, Shared_lastcall=yes
This is running 16.6.2

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