Multiple ODBC Connections in Sleep Mode

Dear Community,

I’ve noticed the following behavior with two different ODBC drivers with my Asterisk 18 Server,
When receiving the same amount of traffic, and doing an ODBC query to an external DB, I have multiple Sleeping sessions.

MariaDB ODBC connector: 70 Sessions
MySQL ODBC connector: 30 Sessions

If the data is transmitted properly, should’t the sessions end?
Maybe MySQL has a default “timeout” lower than MariaDB Driver, if MariaDB Driver even has a default timeout…
Recently I added a DSN parameter to my MariaDB DSN,

Conn_Timeout = 120

And now the MariaDB Sleeping Sessions are between 20-30,
Is there someone kind enough to explain how ODBC behaves with asterisk?
Any advice is much appreciated

Warm Regards

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