Multiple MeetMe's, chanspy and whisper! How?

My first question: Has anybody figured out a way to whisper multiple users at the same time user chanspy/extenspy while inside a MeetMe conference?

I know that MeetMe allows people to whisper each other, but it doesn’t seem to allow people to whisper to multiple groups.

I couldn’t get the above to work, so I tried making multiple MeetMe conferences of all the sub-groups that might want to whisper amongst themselves, and then let everyone spy on everyone else’s conversations until the sub-group wanted to talk amongst themselves, and then stopped the spying until done. But I ended up having trouble bridging all of this together properly, and spying on multiple channels at once. It got messy fast.

Does anyone have any ideas/help?

Could I possibly write my own module to do something similar to this? Is it in the realm of possibility?