Multiple login from same phone asterisk

I am having a problem with asterisk where after a user joins a conference room press the hang up button (not hold it) and then dails back in to the conference room from the same phone asterisk seem to join both users in.

when i checked it from the cli i could see 2 users with the same caller id joined in to the same room.

So the question
How do i stop that from happening? Basicaly I would like to kick the first one out and login the second one.

Can anyone please help me on this regard, i appreciate your help.


PS: Sorry I asked this question in the user section, thought it wasn’t the right place so re listed it here. I’m really sorry for that…

Now that you mentioned it, I tried and got that effect and more.
It’s to do with ‘Switchhook flash’ feature on some PBX.
Switchhook Flash lets you place a call on ‘Consultation Hold’ and return to dial tone so that you can invoke station features. In your case your caller flashed the first call and joined the conf secon time. Good news is that he will not be able to do this 3 times from the same ‘single-line’ handset. :smiley:

A few notes for those who are interested:

  1. I could not achieve this by calling in from a Zap channel (from another PBX with a proprietary voip handsets) where switching between calls is done by selecting a line on a multiline handset (and probably requires Trunk Flash option enabled).

  2. From an analogue handset on ATA, registered on *, when I flash my first call to a conference (less than a second), rather than hanging up, and redial the conf, I get registered in the conference the second time, - it’s like switching between two calls.

  3. After joining a conference once, I also tried to flash and dial a 3rd party number and had two-way connection, then flashed again and got back to the conference AND could still hear the 3rd party, while the 3rd party was not shown on the conf list but could be heard in the conference.

That’s how it is at my end.
Now perhaps someone can please advise us how to enable/desable this feature if required?