Multiple iax clients problem

hello all,

i have an asterisk server running with two iax clients pointed at it, and have a weird problem.

the main server and one of the iax clients have outside routable ips, the other iax client is behind nat on a private network.

now i have an iaxy that i am experimenting with and can get it to work fine through the iax client on the private network, and can get it to work fine pointed at my main server.

however, if i try to repoint the iaxy to the other iax client on the outside, the iaxy still wants to talk to the main server. i can not get the iaxy to talk to the other iax client on the outside.

can switch the iaxy between the main server and internal client now problems.

i though this might be an issue with the iaxy, so i bought a couple of fxses from, but they have the same problem as the iaxy.

anybody have any ideas what might be going on here? i have not blown my arp tables away, but that would be a pretty violent requiremnt just to point at different iax clients.

btw, i am running version 1.2 on the main server and cvs head from jan 2006 on both iax clients.

murrah boswell