Multiple calls, once received the others hangup

hi all
I want to enquiry about the possibility of emitting multiple calls at the same time , let’s say 5 from Asterisk.
and once 1 receive hangup , Asterisk should cancel the other 4.
is it possible to configure Asterisk in this way ?
If yes, i aprreciate if you help me and give direction on how to proceed.
thx in advance

That’s called a DIALGROUP.

The dial group functions are just a convenience for the underlyig feature which is just to use “&” as a delimiter between multiple dial strings when uisng DIal.

You can also use queues witth the ringall strategy.

how about the feature of, ‘once someone pick up the phone, the others should be canceled automatically’. Does Asterisk do it automatically or should i configure it too ?

When a group of endpoints are dialed using Dial() that is done automatically.

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