Multiline strategy

Hi, I’m setting up * with a 4port TDM400 and some polycom 601 phones but I’m stuck trying to figure out how I should configure each line button. Ideally I would like a “shared line appearence” that tied each button to a zap channel but from the search’s I’ve read that may be a while before it is supported. The presence feature looks like it might allow me to show what line is in use so I could label each line with the DID number but what about registering? Do I setup an SIP extension for each button on each phone or share one extension / registration across all the buttons? I could allow the first registration to map the other buttons… hmm. How does everyone else handle this?

to do the buddy watching, you simply make sure that each extension is configured with a hint and then you set the bw field in the Polycom directory for each extension you want to watch. It will go based on the server you are registered with your phone. If your phone registers with multiple servers, there are complications.