Multi part voicemails

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I’m hoping someone here can help me.

I’m looking to use Asterisk to record multi part voicemails.
this would be something like the following script with gaps for the caller to leave the required information.

Hello and thank you for calling the **** request line.
As this is a freephone number you will not be charged for this call, so please speak clearly and slowly, spelling any unusual words, when leaving your contact details.

File 1
Firstly, please leave your name after the tone.

File 2
Thank you. Now please leave your full address including house number and postcode.

File 3
As your postcode is very important to us, please repeat it after the tone.

File 4
Thank you. Should we have any queries with your details, we may need to call you, so please leave your telephone number, including your area code, after the tone.

File 5
Thank you. As part of our ongoing commitment to hand eczema and to help us improve our service in the future we would like to contact you for follow-up market research. Please say, ‘yes’ after the tone if you’d like to take part or, ‘no’, if you do not wish to take part.

File 6
Thank you. You will receive your free booklet within the next 7 working days.

The details you have provided will be used to send you information as part of the ****.

**** respects the confidentiality of personal information and your data will be held in line with the data protection act. Only **** and companies involved in running the **** will have access to your data – it will not be disclosed to third parties such as mailing organisations.

From time to time we may send you further information. If at any time you would like to stop receiving information from the **** please write to us at: *

Is this possible? And if so can someone give me a starting point so I can figure it out :smile:

(BTW I used to use some software called STARMAIL to do this, not the same as the Samsung systems. However this is no longer supported and I cannot even find any documentation).


Why not write your own custom voicemail hook for this? Just pretend you are writing normal dialplan, and then write an IVR for callers who go to ‘voicemail’.

That way, instead of including the default voicemail script that Asterisk provides, you can route the caller to your custom IVR menu which prompts them for the required information.

In order to create multiple recordings, you can use the Monitor and StopMonitor commands.

For more information on them, try:

asterisk -rx 'core show application Monitor' asterisk -rx 'core show application StopMonitor'


We have exactly this working for customers who have catalog request lines, Drop me a PM if you want details.

twitter: @cyberco

Hi all,

Thanks for the responses.

I’ll have a look at your suggestions and Im sure I’ll be bakc again with a few more questions :smile: