Multi-location dial plan & support calls queue

I am in the process of planning a dial plan, In regards to the requirement, I am confused how to go about the dial plan.

The scenario is like below.

Line 1 – Extension 239
Line 2 – Extension 8239

Line 1 – Extension 239
Line 2 – Extension 8239

Now what I need is that if a user in Branch - A wants to dial Branch - B, he just needs to use 88xxx(extension of Branch - B)

Similarly, if a user in Branch - B wants to dial Branch - A, he just needs to use 89xxx(extension of Branch - A)

In this regards, I am not sure how do I achieve inter brach connection using asterisk to fit my 88 & 89 prefix dial plan for multi-location.

More over, said that, we will have a support Queue in Branch - A(extension 700), & users from Branch - B should be able to join the Queue(extension 700) to accept support calls & vice-versa, I dont know how this is possible & what would my dial plans be.

It would be much appreciated if someone can help me resolve this dial plan & support issue.


Hi Deepak,
Try to work on IAX trunking.


Deepak, Do you have experiance of voice networking ?

Asterisk will handle what you are doing, And as with many things there are many ways of doing it, Either with site prefixs or a linked numberplan.

Please PM if you want assistance.