MP3Player poll timed out

I’m getting the following Notice on using mp3player dialplan function on our asterisk server.

app_mp3.c:164 timed_read: Poll timed out.

We don’t have any soundcard on that server so I assume that might be the issue. Could anyone please confirm if MP3Player function depends on soundcard?

It doesn’t depend on a sound card. It runs an external application, and s subject to detailed analysis of the source code, I would think that application failed to send data in time.

Most people use it with internet streams, so if one of those stalled, I’d expect something like this.

It doesn’t make sense to use it on static audio, as MP3 is expensive to transcode to a useful form, and the quality is limited by the final form; it is better to bulk transcode offline and store the transcoded files.

The external application is mpg123, and is not part of Asterisk.

Hi david551, we are using it for offline files only. I tried playing it with mpg123 too but got this error

Error opening unknown libao pulse driver. (Is device in use?)

So anyway, aside from this error, is it then recommended to convert mp3 files to gsm already and use those?

If GSM is the only codec you are using, yes. Otherwise, you should convert it t other formats as well.

Note that GSM is a vocoder based codec, and will not handle anything but human voices well. There may be some music that has been specially composed to tolerate GSM.