Move to different mailbox from within voiceMailMain

Is there a way to move to another mailbox once your inside voiceMailMain without exiting and re-entering. Example, I login to mailbox 10 and listen to a message, I now want to move to mailbox 20 and get a message. I would like to do that within the one instance of voiceMailMain if possible.

Can that be done? I couldn’t find anything about it on google.

I guess it can’t be done in a nice way.

If the voicemails are stored on the local filesystem you can do a little trick with linking

You go to the voicemaildirectory from account 10 and link the Inbox-folder of account 20 to a predefined folder (work,family) ln -s …/20/INBOX/ Family
That makes you able to listen tothe voicemail ofanother user.