Most complex usage

now i’ve famillar with * and i think it is a very robust plateforme and now i want to do more complex think for my enterprise.
1 - I want assign pin code to each user pin code user must enter before making outgoing call.
2 - I want to assign some credit call to user for outgoing call, I want an accounting system so i can know any time what credit call remain for one user. I want also be able to encrease or decrease a user’s credit any time i wish.

How can i implement my * to match that needs.

You can use the Authenticate application which prompts a person making an outbound call for a pin number.

If you are referring to a calling card, there is “astcc” which will keep track of the usage and and can deduct their account within the database. You could do a bunch of dialplan work to do a more simple “calling card” application.

astcc - Asterisk Calling Card system.
Writen in perl.