Morning Cup-of-tea application

For comment - perhaps some expert will show me a better way of doing this. Anway…

The requirement: My wife picks up phone in bedroom and presses “*”.
She hears: “request for cup of tea noted”. Simultaneously I hear “your wife wants a cup of tea” on my console. Then all the phones in the house ring for a few seconds (just in case I’m in the garden).

; Split the call once connected to extensions 19 (caller) and 20 (console)
exten => *,1,Dial(Console/dsp,20,G(cup-of-tea^18^1))
exten => 18,1,Goto(19,1)
exten => 18,2,Goto(20,1)
; Tell caller request noted
exten => 19,1,Playback(aps-tea-request-noted)
exten => 19,2,Hangup()
; Use remaining console context to anounce request, then
; dial all phones in case I’m not in the office
exten => 20,1,Playback(aps-tea-request-now)
exten => 20,2,Wait(10) ; wait for wife to put phone down
exten => 20,3,Dial(${GLOBAL(ALL-PHONES)},10)
exten => 20,4,Hangup()