More lines for an extension in AMP

Hi all people!
I had a problem that i’ve solved with a change to exten-vm macro…
When there’s a call to a sip extension, another caller receives busy tone or a voicemail announce (if setted).
That’s not good! :wink:
The various extensions that i have are Grandstream GXP2000, with 4 lines…
It’s possible set AMP to assign more lines for each extensions, without modify the macros?
Many thanks!

you might get a quicker response here:

i would assume they are using either call-limit or the GROUPCOUNT functions to limit the number of calls. if it’s call-limit, that is part of the sip directives and should be editable from the freepbx/AMP gui. otherwise, it is probably hardcoded into the macro, or passed via a variable to the macro…

honestly, though, i don’t have the first idea of where you’d look.

turn on call waiting in amp for the extension, then it will send the calls to your phone until the phone starts rejecting them with too manny channels.