MONOWALL for asterisk

hi to all…is it ok to setup monowall BOX as your gateway server…NAT with 2 asterisk server DATAbase…i ahd problem when calling…disconnection on call…Unavailable…how can i address the problem i had this logs on my asterisk server…

“,“1003”,“916313619255”,“default”,”"“Mishel”" <1003>",“SIP/1003-b7906808”,“SIP/VoIP-0868fe30”,“Dial”,“sip/16313619255@VoIP|55|o”,“2008-07-29 02:30:16”,“2008-07-29 02:30:35”,“2008-07-29 02:31:06”,50,31,“ANSWERED”,“DOCUMENTATION”
"",“1008”,“916314710900”,“default”,""“bj”" <1008>",“SIP/1008-b790c568”,“SIP/VoIP-08698788”,“DeadAGI”,“agi://–HVcauses–PRI-----NODEBUG-----19-----CONGESTION-”,“2008-07-29 02:31:06”,“2008-07-29 02:31:12”,6,0,“FAILED”,“DOCUMENTATION”

This are the logs when the a call is disconnected…


I have smoothwall and two asterisks behind it. I have no problem with my calls.

Monowall should work fine with you too.


Which ports do you have open to your Asterisk box. Normally SIP uses 5060/UDP and you will also need the ports open that are used for RTP traffic (see rtp.conf).

actually…monowall is working, i can establish call now but the problem is i have disconnection during calls…and on my logs is <-------NODEBUG CONGESTION--------> is this something with setting up the firewall on monowall…actually i dont know how to configure it…im considering to disable the firewall…but i guess there’s no such FIREWALL DISABLE MENU on monowall…

Try a router like Belkin to see if it makes any difference then you’ll know if it is your Monowall. If you find out that it is your Monowall then try to see if you can set QOS for VOIP calls. Or try to watch at your bandwidth meter on Monowall and see when it is getting disconnected. Otherwise, I can’t think of anything else, once the call is established only time it can disconnect is if it is loosing the IP connectivity.