MOH Play Order

I’m trying to figure out what order these files are listed and played and not use random.

In the web gui the files are listed in no known sorting order, and the MOH plays in no known sorting order that does not match the web gui.

It’s kinda like asterisk made up their own order that has no obvious logic. The order in which i upload them has nothing to do with the order they are displayed on the moh page or which order they are played in.

I would like asterisk to play the MOH in a specific order, which i can adjust by file name, date modified or created, even by size.

But it uses none of these afaik.

[Edit] Nm I found how it’s reading it using ls -f which is no sorting so now i have to figure out how the files are displayed in that format or see if I can get asterisk to do a sort

Symbolic links is the answer for this one.