Modprobe Locks up system

We have a working asterisk system with 6 fxs ports and 2 fxo ports on 2 TDM cards.

We switched to 8 fxs ports on 2 TDM cards and the system does not want to load the modprobe statement.

After the system boots, we edit the zapata.conf and zaptel.conf to tell it the fxo changed to an fxs, then we modprobe zaptel which works fine. But when we modprobe wcfxs the whole system locks up tighter than a drum - have to do a power off.

Any ideas

Brad Rose

All you really need to do is modprobe wctdm and that should work.

Assuming you’re using the TDM400P cards.

Already - tried that too - no go - same lockup

But are you doing it without doing a modprobe wcfxs?

You don’t need to do a wcfxs.