Modifying CPU/RAM on a Production Asterisk VM

So we have a production system (a VM) with the following spec running Asterisk (with FreePBX)
4 vCPU / 1 core each

We would like to increase the CPU to be 8 vCPU / 1 core each and also increase the RAM to 16GB.

After modifying the VM spec, is there anything that has to be done on the VM or is it as simple as taking the VM down, changing the spec, and starting it back up, and it would be good to go.


Asterisk doesn’t track that sort of detail. The OS will determine it when it boots.

That’s what I thought.

I was asking because I read it somewhere (don’t recall where, or if someone had verbally communicated) that when the CPU is modified, Asterisk needs to be recompiled so it is optimized. Is that not true?


It may need to be recompiled if the instruction set has changed. That’s more than a change in the number of cores.

Could you elaborate on that?

In my situation, we do have cases where we export the VM image, and import it again for other customers which saves us time in installation and configuration which is common across our customers.

The VM image could be imported into a completely different set of vCPU configuration (both vCPU and Core count).


You need to build for a generic lowest common denominator architecture, e.g. amd64, rather than letting the build system build for specific CPU type of the build machine. This is the same as you have to do on VM hosts that misrepresent the CUP capabilities. In particular, you want to disable BUILD NATIVE. E.g. see Installing Asterisk 11 on VirtualBox: Illegal Instruction

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