Modified Frame.C


I modified frame.c in /usr/src/asterisk- to fix a bug on g729 codec during VAD. … w=revision

I did what stated in the link and I was wondering if i just have to restart the server for it to take effect or i need to recompile everything in asterisk again?

Rebuild. (You may only need to replace one installed file, but if you are not confident, it may be safer to do a full re-install.)

You mean I’ll have to do make and make install again just to apply the change i made to frame.c?

That is the easiest way. If you have not destroyed the build directory, it will only re-make the files actually needed, and you can manually install just those (probably just main/asterisk).

The neatest way to manually install is to rename them (mv) into place, and then issue a restart command on the Asterisk CLI. That gives minimum down time.

When I modify some of, or - I just replace. Then I restart Asterisk. Asterisk must be restarted. Some times, after I replace - asterisk die and I just start it.
When I touch channel.c - then I prefer
make install
And then restart