Modem over VoIP support

Does digium have a plan to support MoIP communication. Cisco has such a feature and I would like to know if will be supported sometime in the future from Asterisk.

According Wikipedia MoIP( … ns_over_IP) should not use a specific hardware for that, so I’m wondering how CISCO provide such solution.

If what you want is to use your Mobile device with asterisk, yes it is possible without any effort. Couple of years ago there was a Hype called BYOD(Bring your own device) and there are many articles talking about that and asterisk out there.

Well changed the subject because I think it was misleading.
I am interested in the following and if will be ever supported by Asterisk

I also failed to find your definition when I searched for MoIP.

Asterisk supports T.38.

I can’t imagine there is sufficient market demand or a suitable business model, for Digium to implement this, and if there was, they probably wouldn’t say until it was ready for launch. As such, it would only get done in someone in the community implemented it, and, again, I doubt there is the demand.

Well yes, T38 is supported by Asterisk.

Some clients have old terminals like POS systems that want to use them with asterisk. Usually this systems use an old 56k modem to communicate.

ITU has approved a standard for this type of communication over voip