Mitel 5224 phones / mute button disfunctional

I’m going to assume phone muting is done at a device-level, and Asterisk does not process, handle, or care about muting events? If not - can I know more about that somehow?

Anyway - we are using Mitel 5224 phones here, and many of them - the mute buttons totally dont work at all. I imagine its something to do with firmware updates. But in case someone here has delt with this before, I was wondering if I can get some advise. Thanks.

-Erich Stein

Hi Erich

You are correct muting is done on the handset, Now the 5224 is a MiNet handset that can be booted into Minet, SIP or Mitels teleworker protocol as you know, As with the whole Mitel range Not all features work in all firmware versions. It surprises me that Mute doesnt though. The keys are context sensitive so try all variations handsfree hadnset etc. Iknow when I used the 5220 handsets in sip mute did work.